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Come On: Bilawal is just a Kid

Yeah, what the heck. Why are we getting so jealous, angry, or choked-up, if our would-be future Prime Minister is enjoying the colorful life of London? Let him enjoy the company of London dames, and let him celebrate Halloween, and let him extract the juices of youth-ful life.
Though Bilawals co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, who also []



Bradley Effect in Pakistan Election 2008»

Elections in Pakistan are strange animal. They are waited by the people with zeal and zest while they fully are aware of the fact that they are unlikely to produce any change. But the just-before-month of Elections provides them a chance to milk their candidates a little.It’s a custom in Pakistan that in the villages []

Elections With Education»

Due to the welcome rains, post-gloom and doom of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, and the crisis of power and flour, and the ubiquitous threat of terrorism, there is no hubbub at all regarding the general elections in Pakistan announced later in February, 2008.
Whatever excitement there was initially which mainly rose from the return of Mian Nawaz []


India Suspends Australian 2008 Tour»

When it comes to racism in the game of cricket, Australians are the worst. No series goes by without a racism against the guest team in Australia. Recently India is facing the same issue, and when the Indian players retorted, ICC was quick to ban them and punish them.
According to Cricinfo:
Indias players have often []

Meera is the Next Target of Al-Qaeda»

I agree there are restrictions in Pakistan. You can have bold and steamy scenes to a certain limit but nowhere near what happens in Bollywood. The Hindi film industry may be far bolder than its counterpart in Pakistan, but thats no reason to believe Meeras allegations that she received death threats for deciding to act []


Interview with Blogger Rubab Saleem»

Rubab Saleem is 26 years old female applied for Kelleher International from Gujranwala, Pakistan having Master Degree in Mass Communication from Punjab University, Lahore with major in Public Relations, Second Master in Political Science from BZU, Multan.

She has been working with Pakistan Television Lahore Centre as Current Affairs Documentry Script Writer. She has been working with a localised NGO []

Interview with Blogger Haleema»

Would you please tell us something about you?
Well i’m the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd. Satisfied, no?
I fuss and fume. I have dreams,i have aspirations and i do kind things sometimes. We all need inspiration from time to time. I use my writing as a reminder to myself and pray that []

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Chief Sahab, Harf-e-Tushweesh»

Source : Nawa-i-waqt

Bari Moat Chotay Loag»

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