How To Call Pakistan From the USA

Someone calling another call on a mobile phone could get charged per minute for the call duration, which may be pretty expensive for an average individual. To make international calls from the USA to Pakistan has been made easier now by using a calling card. However, it might become difficult to recharge your card regularly before you can use it.

To call Pakistan from the USA, you can use your Ooma mobile app or Ooma telo-connected land phone. First thing first, dial 001 for you exists in the USA telephone system.  Then you can go ahead to dial the Pakistan code, which is 92, go further to dial the number you wish to call; if you want to call a landline the number should be 9 or 10 digits, but if you’re going to call a mobile phone number the number must be 10 digits at all times.

When you use the Ooma mobile app to make calls, you will not be charged for minutes or get international charges because these calls are routed over your data connection; if you have an unlimited data plan with your carrier. Also, it will not count against your data; if you don’t have a complete schedule and you which to make a call using the Ooma app, simply connect to a Wi-Fi network.

To call to any part of Pakistan from the USA, your best option is to get an Ooma’s international dialing plan which also helps save money. There are different plans you can subscribe to on the Ooma app, which include the following but not limited to ;

The Ooma World plan allows you to make calls to Pakistan mobile phones and landlines at a discounted rate. You get to enjoy unlimited free calls to landlines in 60 countries and mobile phones in 10 countries at the rate of $17.99; after you get to enjoy calls to Pakistan at the rate of $0.052 per minute, your charges per minute are added to your monthly plan charge.

There is also the Ooma world plus plan, this plan costs $25.99 per month, and it includes unlimited calls to both mobile phone numbers and landlines in Pakistan. You can also make unlimited calls to mobile phones in 40 countries and then landlines in 70 countries.

If you are lucky enough and the person you are calling is Pakistan is also using the Ooma app, you get to make your calls for free no matter how long the call goes on; you won’t be charged a dime. Moreover, you can get to chat with a crystal-clear HD voice, which helps you. In addition, you hear the person you are calling clearly, and the person gets to listen to you audibly too.

Aside from using the ooma app, you can also call Pakistan with an international calling card which is relatively cheap but could also be a bit difficult to recharge your card often before us. Although the standard international call rates are pretty expensive, Verizon’s standard call rate to Pakistan is $2.49. Thus, Verizon’s call rate is about 17 times more costly than Ooma’s standard call rates.