What Exactl is Happening in Karachi?

All of a sudden, Karachi has started sliding down into chaos and conflicts. Target Killing is the new buzzword. Simply speaking, both PPP and MQM are losing their workers in the crossfire. Now who is killing whom is the known by everyone in Karachi.

It’s all about power and the ultimte control of Karachi.

The actual problem is that with the end of tenure of Nazims and the local governments, MQM is fearing (justifiably) losing control of their powerbase of Karachi and Hyderabad. While PPP is eyeing regaining the control of Karachi with the departure of Nazims and with the introduction of bureacrats. Even Jamat e Islami and ANP and Sunni Tehrik have gone into the background and now in the ring, the fight is in progress between the coalition partners in the Sindh.

Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah is blaming MQM for the killings of PPP workers, while coordination committee of MQM is pointing fingers at the PPP for the murders of their workers and sympathisers. Tongue lashing is at its maximum from both sides, while the Karachiites are terrified and awaiting for a new round of bloodshed and chaos.