Who is Dr. Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi

To the utmost agony of Motahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM), Asif Ali Zardari has sent Dr. Shoaib Suddle as the new Inspector General of Sindh. Dr. Shoaib Suddle in not new for Karachi and MQM, and MQM and Karachi are not new for Dr. Shoaib Suddle. Shoaib Suddle has done it before and been there, seen it and yes done that once again.

Dr. Shoaib Suddle was DIG Karachi fro June 1995 till Nov 1996 during the second tenure of Benazir Bhutto, and the interior minister was none other than Naseerullah Baber, the man who really choked MQM’s terrorism in Karachi during that period. Naseerullah Baber owed his success in bringing law and order back to Karachi with the aid of Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi, who has also been sent to Karachi along with Shoaib Suddle as IB chief.

Dr. Shoaib Suddle has done his Doctorate in White Collar Criminology  from University of Wales Cardiff. When he was looking after Karachi in the mid nineties, he was so successful that he had reduced the monthly killings of 350 in June 1995 to zero in January 1996. He has established his mole network within the cadres of MQM so deep that he was able to hear the telephonic conversations of the terrorists and he was aware of the second-by-second happenigs in the Nine Zero, the dreaded headquarter of MQM.

Though Dr. Shoaib wasn’t much willing to take on this responsibilities as he is about to retire from the service in couple of months and was serving cozily in the Police department in the lush greenary if Islamabad, but he has assigned this task by Zardari himself.

Asif Ali Zardari is pursuing a right policy of carrot and stick for MQM. At one side he is showing them power sharing opportunity in the Sindh Assembly, and on the other side he is showing them Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi. Karachiites desperately needs someone like Dr. Shoaib Suddle as MQM has once again militarized and strengthened it’s trenches and ready to give Karachi a bloodbath. One glimpse was the Nishtar Park mass assassinations of Sunni Tehrik’s whole leadership, and then came 12th May and then came the 9th April. Pakistan cannot afford more such gruesome happenings.